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Are we ready for life in the cloud?

Are we ready for life in the cloud?

DAM-IT the Blog focuses on the company’s own integrated system, (webDAM), but gives good advice in their blog for getting the most out of your system and also understanding DAM a bit better. Their article: Integration in the Cloud: Finding Smarter Ways to do Business meshes their own tools with best practices in the cloud. Their SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution is cloud based and the article talks about why it’s great: Ease-of-use, Customer Focus, Robust Functionality, Extend functionality, Connect complementary solutions, and Customize an application. That sounds pretty good to me, I’ll have to email them for their pricing structure, might be a lot!

Another interesting article was a recent post on DAMNews about Amazon and the Cloud, and its search capabilities. This one talks about Amazon’s search functions in their cloud based computing and how they might be aggressively taking over the cloud. The point  seems to be that in a few years there might (will most probably), be newer better services so why not focus now on the best and most cost affective in the short term and worry about the future, well you know, in the future. This does make sense to me, but I do worry about a handful of companies controlling the whole cloud.

I found this article on the DAM Foundation website interesting as well.  It takes the perspective of a CEO into account, and why he or she would want the Cloud included in their business module.  The Implications that it could radically change how a company does business especially on the corporate level is interesting indeed.  Is this business module so radical that it could permanently change corporate structure? This does sound far reaching to me, but after reading the article, I can see where a CEO would be looking at a uniquely different business strategy. I suppose I had not taken into account all the ways that cloud computing could change the way the world does business. Who will ultimately have control of the cloud or clouds? Will it be the companies as whole entities, or will the cloud providers have a bigger stake in those said companies than originally thought or expected? Hmm, time will tell.

Active User

I sat quietly at the reference desk and contemplated what I should write about.  I hadn’t updated my blog in as many weeks, nay months, and I was beginning to wonder if I could even list it as a skill slash job if I hadn’t updated it beyond changing the word press theme. I do love an exciting new word press theme, and could update that and feel like I got something done, but I digress! It occurred to me that I could write a whole post on the experience of expectations and procrastinations.

What do I expect from myself and what do I assume others in the library and blogging communities expect from me? Is one post a week enough to make me feel worthy or can I lower that to one a month and still feel like I am doing my due diligence? Quality over quantity right?  For me this is as much a lesson in keeping my word and following through as it is on self esteem. Next month I will be giving a presentation at a library conference, and one of the things about me listed in the program; (the program!) is that I’m an active blogger. How many posts will bring me up to the “active user” level that I am now required having without feeling as if I’m lying? Five? Is five enough? What about ten? Ten sounds over achieving, and one (this one), feels a bit slacker. So I’m sticking with five posts before the conference, and I hope to make them as solid and interesting as I can. Once they’re done I can go back to my usual procrastinations concerning working out, sewing new pillows for my couch and the truly ambitious paper mache’ animal head for over my fireplace (don’t ask).