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I sat quietly at the reference desk and contemplated what I should write about.  I hadn’t updated my blog in as many weeks, nay months, and I was beginning to wonder if I could even list it as a skill slash job if I hadn’t updated it beyond changing the word press theme. I do love an exciting new word press theme, and could update that and feel like I got something done, but I digress! It occurred to me that I could write a whole post on the experience of expectations and procrastinations.

What do I expect from myself and what do I assume others in the library and blogging communities expect from me? Is one post a week enough to make me feel worthy or can I lower that to one a month and still feel like I am doing my due diligence? Quality over quantity right?  For me this is as much a lesson in keeping my word and following through as it is on self esteem. Next month I will be giving a presentation at a library conference, and one of the things about me listed in the program; (the program!) is that I’m an active blogger. How many posts will bring me up to the “active user” level that I am now required having without feeling as if I’m lying? Five? Is five enough? What about ten? Ten sounds over achieving, and one (this one), feels a bit slacker. So I’m sticking with five posts before the conference, and I hope to make them as solid and interesting as I can. Once they’re done I can go back to my usual procrastinations concerning working out, sewing new pillows for my couch and the truly ambitious paper mache’ animal head for over my fireplace (don’t ask).

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