Dream On

I have a dream… a recurring dream; it’s actually a nightmare, but I’ve been having it every night for almost a year. It’s more of a personal hell nightmare that I’ve named a “stressed-out” dream. It always involves travel or moving, and I’m forever running late or have forgotten something key like plane tickets or my contact lenses. Or I have forgotten where I’m going or even if I have a room booked, and yet most of my worldly possessions are dumped on my driveway in an inarticulate heap and I know they won’t fit in the rental van parked in the driveway.

I have had dreams like this most of my adult life. When I was a kid I had more generic nightmares: being chased by a monster (tiger, bad guy, lava) and you start running slower and slower, or the one where you’re trying to scream and the words don’t come out, or the falling in an elevator type. I would wake up initially scared, but then oddly calm that these were just dreams. Also, they were always peppered with a generous amount of flying, winning the lottery, and general awesomeness that made me run around the house and exclaim, “Oh my gaad, I just totally had the most bitchin’ dream!” What I wouldn’t give nowadays to just be chased by a monster! Instead I wake up feeling restless and agitated that there is yet one more thing I have failed to do on time, or correctly. I get these dreams during stressful times, and I know this has been a particularly difficult stretch. But come on! I think flying over fields or hanging out on the Enterprise would help me wake feeling less stressed at night, so less stressed during the day, right? Ha! Dream on…


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