Forever 41

I went shopping this weekend at my favorite store and of course spent more than I intended, but I couldn’t help myself — Koi was having their semi-annual sale! I have been shopping at Koi ever since I discovered this amazing boutique in South Pasadena, which caters to women my age. I like to call it Forever 41. Sales are extremely hectic, and I like to get there on opening day to grab from the largest selection of bargains available. (Plus I secretly enjoy all the hullaballoo.) Hovering around the densely packed racks are well dressed middle-aged women of all shapes and sizes. There are usually a few brave husbands looking bored, but mostly it’s women like me and the sales staff, which is dressed as a unit for easy identification (this year’s theme was sarongs). Everyone is giving advice or cheering each other on as garment after garment is piled up in arms. By the time I finally reach the dressing room, my left hand has gone numb to the elbow.

Koi is one of those stores where the clothes either look amazing on me, or totally crappy; there is no in-between. If I feel the rush of a winner, I step out of the fitting room and stand in front of the most amazing mirror in retail. Everyone looks good standing here. A groovy, grey, long sleeved mini-dress with a pair of strappy, lavender, square-toed pumps elicits “Oohs” and “Aahs.” I imagine myself wearing this on a date, and quickly decide it’s a yes! I pick out a few more winners, but stop myself before I go crazy — no returns allowed on sale merchandise. I collapse at home later with my bag still clutched to my chest, exhausted.

Can’t wait ‘til January!

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