Fresh Coat Of Paint

I hadn’t intended to cross off a new year’s resolution this early in the year, but something urged me forward: the need to change and grow… and leave the past behind for good. I have only been dreaming of painting my bedroom since just after I first painted it — in 1999!

I had always despised the colors we chose (argued and settled on, really). My ex and I were bad at making decisions involving a compromise, but somehow picking paint colors was especially painful and contrary. And I personally never got over how bad it looked and worse, how crappy it made me feel. The colors were cold and muddled. The room eventually became like a tomb to me, with many restless and eventually sleepless nights.

Well, the deed is done now and it looks amazing! It feels amazing, too. And no, it’s not just because of the paint fumes. Taking on a project that had been lurking at the back of my to-do list for way too many years is awesome.

My bedroom was the last part of my house that still felt ex-y. And maybe the fact that he was getting re-married on New Year’s Eve propelled me forward (to Home Depot and the paint department) to get it done and start 2013 off right. Because the next thing I knew I was covered in blue tape, masking off windows and molding, laying down drop cloths, and picking out some jams on my iPod to go with painting out the ghosts. I chose a warm caramel color for most of the room, accented by a dark green and a deep rose. Brian Jonestown Massacre and Allo’ Darlin made up most of the playlist. Sometimes letting go doesn’t hurt at all. It rocks!

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