Grammy Was A Ho!

When I was in college, my two best friends and I came up with a name for all the crazy adventures we were having: we called them “Grammy was a Ho” stories. We figured that when we were older and had kids, we would be too embarrassed to tell… but when we were really old and grandmothers we wouldn’t care what we said or to whom! We thought we would even publish these stories as a book.

Well, now that I am older and actually have kids I wouldn’t dream of telling them the raunchy, slutty, dangerous — but such fun — things that Mommy and her friends did. Whenever my friends and I talk, we still laugh about those times (the ’80s) and the recklessness of our behavior. There are things I hope my children emulate, like my study habits and work ethic. And then there are the long lists of things I hope they do not. This would include teetering around downtown LA looking for an entrance to an underground club while drunk and in a way too short mini, piling into a stranger’s car to drive us to said club not even thinking that this might be actually dangerous or a bad idea, staying up all night dancing, then having another stranger help us find where we parked our car. Now, while I was not a child during this time or even living at home, I can’t imagine that my parents or those of my friends would have been too happy with what we were doing. Even my grown-up self doesn’t approve! Somehow we were invincible, like being young and hip and in-the-know were weapons against any real dangers that might befall us, and somehow they were. Want to hear more stories? You’ll just have to wait for the book!

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