Monterey Or Bust!

I have recently been attending a number of conferences for my library degree masters program. While there I’m supposed to network, hand out business cards, and generally meet people who can help me find a job after graduation. But I also have an ulterior motive: find a hot single guy to “network” with. Is flirting where you network as bad as dating on the job, or shitting where you sleep?

I didn’t find a guy at the Internet Librarian conference in Monterey. There were gay librarians meeting other gay librarians, and lots of old married librarians, but no one that met my loose criteria of being somewhat in my age range, straight, and single. I initially had high hopes for my driving buddy, who was straight, single, and 38, but his life goal of living on a boat in the Bahamas kind of clashed with mine. I never did get to wear the party dress and heels I packed “just in case,” or use the condoms I stuffed in my bag last minute. Only my smart grey suit saw any action. I did get to witness some drunken librarian karaoke, learn a ton about new-media, e-books, and the future of libraries, and make a bunch of really great contacts and a few new friends.

But I plan to flirt at every conference I attend! Flirting is kind of like networking anyway: You approach someone, comment on their tie, and if there seems to be a spark you either lightly touch their hand and smile, or give them your two minute pitch about where you are in your career. So if I’m already feeling empowered and smart and carrying around a stack of little cards with my number on them, why not flirt too?

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