The Pink Princess

It was late one night when it happened. Not really late, just 40-something late: 10 o’clock. Kids were in bed, feet up on the couch, and I thought I felt like chatting on the phone. I sadly realized none of my friends would be awake, or have the time, or they’d be on the computer. In my younger pre-kids days, I recalled marathon phone conversations with friends about guys and soap operas, and shoes, and well, yeah mostly guys, but everything under the sun as well; they went on and on and on. Now if I do have a conversation with a friend, it’s about our kids and their school activities, and they don’t last for more than ten minutes before one of said kids is demanding our attention. I know no one including me has the time for those long-winded calls anymore, but I truly miss them. I remember as a kid the phone was my life, my connection to the world. My sister and I were equal opportunity phone hogs, staying on for hours at a time, lounging upside down on the couch or holed up in our rooms. Most of our conversations with each other in high school sounded like this: “GET OFF THE FUCKING PHONE!!!”

I suppose there are so many new and better ways to communicate in the digital age, that talking on the telephone is simply outdated. If I get excited about the latest episode of Project Runway, I just post it on Facebook. My latest dating adventure ends up in a blog. A new song I like? Share it on YouTube!  Maybe I’ve just run out of things to say, but I doubt that. Just give me a pink princess phone with a super long cord, and I will talk yer ear off!

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