The Scotsman

If someone had once asked me to describe my perfect guy, I would have told them the different types I liked. There was “The Scotsman”: tall, red hair, skinny (basically Conan O’ Brian with an accent), and very funny. Also equally enjoyable was “The Italian”: tall, dark wavy hair, green eyes, muscular, strong with a… Read More »

Look It Up

I attended two library conferences this summer, ALA and SLA. (If you don’t know what those are, you will need to look it up.) I know what you’re thinking: Shhhhh. Since earning my degree in Library Science (paper will officially be in hand by December), I am surrounded by thousands of librarians. So I have… Read More »

Madame Opera

It’s official. The votes are in; I am the most embarrassing Mommy in the world. The other morning while driving my kids to school, I dialed my satellite radio to the alternative ’80s channel (First Wave) looking for some cool morning tunes we could all get down to. ABC’s “Shoot that Poison Arrow” comes on.… Read More »

A Girl And Her Taxes

Growing up I did a lot of things “all by myself.” In my family, if you asked for help you were lazy, stupid, or a failure (according to my dad). I built a bookcase at 8, hung wallpaper by 10, and had my own checking account at 16. But when I got married something happened.… Read More »

Grammy Was A Ho!

When I was in college, my two best friends and I came up with a name for all the crazy adventures we were having: we called them “Grammy was a Ho” stories. We figured that when we were older and had kids, we would be too embarrassed to tell… but when we were really old… Read More »

Ride Sally Ride

I made a new friend the day I turned 16. Her name was Sally, and she showed up in my driveway that bright July morning. She was a blue 1967 muscle car. My father showed me how to pump gas, and immediately she and I set off on a series of great misadventures. She… Read More »

Weenies And Woodies

My daughter is in the 5th grade. She just got “the talk” in school from a travelling nurse who espoused the joys of womanhood, and passed out complimentary pads. I have nothing to worry about. I have already given her “the talk” at home. She knows all about menstruation and its spooky similarities to menopause.… Read More »

Fresh Coat Of Paint

I hadn’t intended to cross off a new year’s resolution this early in the year, but something urged me forward: the need to change and grow… and leave the past behind for good. I have only been dreaming of painting my bedroom since just after I first painted it — in 1999! I had always… Read More »