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Wedding Bell Blues

So my ex-husband is getting married. Yay!? Congratulations!? Good for you!? What a great couple!? I’m not really sure what to think about this. I suppose I’m happy for him. And the girlfriend is as nice as a future wife of an ex-husband could be. (She will be stepmom, too.) When he told me, I… Read More »

Fresh Coat Of Paint

I hadn’t intended to cross off a new year’s resolution this early in the year, but something urged me forward: the need to change and grow… and leave the past behind for good. I have only been dreaming of painting my bedroom since just after I first painted it — in 1999! I had always… Read More »

The Divorce Whisperer

When my ex moved out, I talked to a lawyer for the logistics, but then I consulted the Divorce Whisperers: friends who had gone through it and appeared to have survived the process. I wanted to know what it would be like on the other side, and I wanted the perspective of someone with a… Read More »

A Friend For All Seasons

We got the phone call from our friend Rob to, “Just get the hell up and turn on the TV.” He was so weirdly insistent that Adam and I did what we were told. We watched in horror with Rob on the line as the towers collapsed… and we both reached out and put protective… Read More »

I’m Angry?

January marked three years since my husband moved out and ended our marriage. Three years is not particularly auspicious, but I did think I’d be farther along in my “new life” as single mom and single 40-something. I did buy a sporty new car — though not the bitchin’ Camaro in bright yellow I really… Read More »

The Old Switcheroo

It’s switcheroo day… again. The day when the children leave my house and go stay with their dad, or the day they come back to stay with me. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, or hope against hope that my kids would be, but no… someone has left their only pair of… Read More »

Say Goodbye To The Dress

I just sold my wedding dress on eBay. It went for $154.49. Really it was a relief just to get it out of my closet. I hated running into it when I would look for the camping gear or winter jackets. It still held a twinge of pain and loss. Some of my friends thought… Read More »