My New Bed

I’m getting a new bed this weekend, and I’m so excited I could burst.  Well, not so excited that I would actually burst and soil my new mattress, but pretty darn close.  The funny thing is, I’m getting a wee bit nostalgic about this old thing. Because a bed holds so many personal and special memories. This was my marriage bed, the bed where I conceived my daughter and suffered two miscarriages. This was the place I stayed up way too late unable to fall asleep staring at the ceiling and wishing things could be different, while my passed out, drunk husband sweated and snored up a storm right next to me. Now, ten years later, on the verge of receiving my final divorce papers after two whole years, I am more than ready to turn the page on a new chapter in my life. But this bed… well, this bed held so much significance to major events for me. I feel I need to take a picture of it, or sing it a song before it gets trucked off to wherever old mattresses go. (Where do they go, by the way?) So should it be “Auld Lang Syne,” “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, or the Waitresses’ “No Guilt“?

Take a picture of your old worn out “whatever” that you want to get rid of.  You can then toss it, sell it or donate it with ease, and if you want to delete the picture later as well, just go for it!

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