Hats Off To Me

I am a wearer of many hats. Literally. I probably own 40-50 if I had to count.  Since I’m in a career transition, I’m thinking about that phrase in terms of job skills. And it’s funny to me, because I do tend to wear different hats for different jobs.

I made an inventory for a class of some of my many skills, and I came up with an A-Z  list. Everything is true except for Zen Master. I couldn’t think of a good Z job I have accomplished (although I am usually trying to achieve some state of Zen).

So here’s my list:

Animation Artist, Archivist, Award Winner, Background Artist, Barista, Blogger, Chiron Operator, Citizen, Clothing Designer, Co-Chair, Color Key Artist, Comedian, Coordinator, Crafter, Decorator, Designer, Digital Effects Artist, E-Bayer, Engineer, Event Planning, Fine Artist, Gardner, Game-Show Assistant, Grant Writer, Home Improvement, Improv Actor, Intern, Janitor, Key Holder, Librarian, Manager, Mentor, Mother, Needle-pointer, Organizer, Painter, Planner, Programmer, Quark Artist, Reader, Researcher, Restoration Artist, Roto Artist, Seamstress, Small Business Owner, Student, Stylist, Tastemaker, Tutor, Underwriter, Voice-Over Artist, Volunteer, Web Designer, Xeriscapist, Yoga Practitioner, Zen Master.

Since creating this list a few weeks ago, I can now add Magician, Mocha Artist, Nit Picker, Nuke Trainee… and Ex-wife.

To say that my life has swung in many different directions would be an understatement, but art and creativity have always been at its core. And whatever form my career takes now, perhaps as an archivist, or art related library position, I’m excited for the challenge and opportunity.

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