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A Friend For All Seasons

We got the phone call from our friend Rob to, “Just get the hell up and turn on the TV.” He was so weirdly insistent that Adam and I did what we were told. We watched in horror with Rob on the line as the towers collapsed… and we both reached out and put protective… Read More »

Say Goodbye To The Dress

I just sold my wedding dress on eBay. It went for $154.49. Really it was a relief just to get it out of my closet. I hated running into it when I would look for the camping gear or winter jackets. It still held a twinge of pain and loss. Some of my friends thought… Read More »

Last One Out Is A Rotten Egg

It’s official. I’m middle aged. I’m certainly not a Chico wearing, color coordinated, grey haired, book club going member (though I do belong to a book club). But it’s really my steady decline into menopause that has got me feeling down. Or should I say, up, and down, and up and down, with a cry… Read More »

Moving Forward And Up To Saturn?

As I pick my way though the dating site profiles of available single men in Los Angeles, I am struck by the number of men that are looking for women who are either “laid back” or “down to earth.” The more I think about it, the more I hate those men, and their stupid platitudes!… Read More »

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Tears

I was in Whole Foods today and noticed, in addition to the abundance of gorgeous produce, there was also a nice selection of good looking 40-something men. While resisting the urge to inspect for bruising and mushy spots, I couldn’t stop myself from my usual ritual of checking for the tell-tale ring on the left… Read More »

The Ring

My 9-year-old loves to draw. Recently she is making fashion pictures of girls’ clothes like a mini-designer. She gives them to her friends at school almost like a business card. Her friends will say things like, “Make me one with boots and a dress!” or “Give mine a Taylor Swift T-Shirt!” She makes them on… Read More »